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The magical journey of the High Ranges began when the owner and the architect decided to harness the incredible mountain views by creating a family home. Just 1 km away from the national highway, this eco-friendly hideaway is calm, quiet and an ideal place to escape the stress of the modern world. While its location is certainly a huge plus as the only one in the heart of the hill, no neighbours!!

The timeless style incorporates classic art, antiques and pieces of history, the traditional design seeks to create calm, orderly spaces to match the furnishings and everything seems to just go together. The four independent theme-based rooms - Coco, Pepper, vanilla and nutmeg has attached bathroom, 24 hr running hot water..

With an altitude of more than a thousand meters above sea level, climate remains pleasant throughout the year. Daytime temperature never exceeds 29 C: the average temperature remains around 19 C. At night the temperature falls down to 10 C : at-times near freezing point of water during winter. Being the first west facing (windward facing) ridge, Peermade receives abundant rains during the Southwest monsoon: usually 190 cms in a year. The climate of Peermade is ideal for the growth of tea plants.

The area has three identifiable seasons: Monsoon season , Winter season , Summer Season.

1. The Monsoon When the monsoon collides with the High ranges, it dumps prodigious amounts of rain. Clouds swirl and flow at incredible speeds that settle over the range making the view fantastical, the mountains after the rains bloom in all their mist-shrouded glory. The carpets of colourful flowers are a feast for the senses. However, the best case you can make during the rain is a breather on the easy chair with a hot cup of coffee - locally plugged and roasted. The joy of listening to the harmonic thrumming of the rain, and watching the silver trickles of water seep into the soil is a unique experience. The beautiful spacious veranda prompts you to relax, read a book, listen to your favourite music or simply bask in the rain and dream!

2. The winter The mountains are a sight to behold in the wintertime. And while we encourage exploring High ranges any time of the year, we won't judge if you want to hike in the hazy hills. You would also want to explore Madamkulam, Panchalimedu or Nallathanni. Pick up a cycle and pedal through the tea gardens of Peerumedu. A stroll around the farm during winter, uproot some tapioca or pull down a jackfruit, grab some bird’s eye chillies, walk down to the streams and make your own meal amidst the setting.

3. The summer Under the warm rays of the sun, the High ranges shine brightly. The weather is pleasant. Exercise in the fresh air every day – what great contrast to the everyday busy life. Seeing majestic peaks towering above you upon waking in the morning, having many possibilities for activities during summer and simply getting a whole lot of fresh air can leave you feeling energized and thrilled by the magnificence of the mountains. Discover the waterfalls, cliffs and peaks… Explore bubbling springs and pristine forests, then come back and relax in the outdoor pool. Does a Jacuzzi sound tempting during the summer?? And the summer rain - the joy of inhaling the aroma of rainfall smells sweet like grass, earthy like soil, lush, and a dash salty, fresh, and green—like relief.

There is an incredible number of ways to get active in the High ranges and just as many ways to relax. Walk back with loads of memories alongside the mountains that descend into open valleys.

If you face any kind of discomfort during your stay, you are requested to kindly inform the staff. It will be a great help if you can write down the negative/positive feedback in the feedback register provided at greenspaces, so that we will try to correct/follow them in future.

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